How to cook Egg Dipped Minced Mutton Patty, Recipe for Egg Dipped Minced Mutton Patty

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Egg Dipped Minced Mutton Patty

1> 400 gm minced meat

2> 75 gm chana daal

3> 6 green cardamom

4> 6 cloves,

5> 2 sticks cinnamon

6> 2 bay leaves

7> 2 black cardmon

8> 15 gm ginger

9> 10 gm garlic

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10> 10 gm aniseeds

11> 10 gm pappercorns

12> 4 whole red chilli


Boil the mince with the above ingredients.cook n grind it.mix it with cumin seeds and red chilli powder.make a stuffing of hard boil eggs into minced mutton patty.beat eggs. Add chopped coriander leaves and salt.dip these mutton patty and shallow fry till brown in colour.

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