How to Cook Aloo Posto

Posted on Jun 12 2019 - 11:26am by kumar
Prep time: 5
Cook time: 30
Serves: 2 People

Ingredients for Aloo Posto :

  • 6 teaspoon poppy seed paste
  • 2 potato
  • salt as required
  • 1 pinch turmeric
  • 4 tablespoon mustard oil
  • water as required

How to Cook Aloo Posto :

  1. To prepare this easy yet delicious dish, you need to boil the potatoes first. Once they are boiled, drain the water and let the potatoes cool down. Once they are easy to handle, peel them off and cut in cubes in a bowl. Then, you need poppy seed paste for making this dish.
  2. Next, put a pan over medium flame and heat oil in it. When the oil is hot enough, add the potatoes in it and fry them well until they are golden brown in colour. Once the potatoes are fried, add the poppy seed paste (also known as posto bata in Bengali). Stir once and then add salt in it along with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  3. Use a spoon to stir well and cook for 2 minutes. If the dish is too dry, add a little water and stir again. Turn off the flame and serve with luchi or simple poori.
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